The Other Band

After the demise of the "New Mulberry Blue" pub-rock band project we wanted to try and keep the core of musicians together and make use of the time and effort that they had put in. Andy Dunderdale joined as vocalist/guitarist and his son Tom also joined on drums, giving us a two sets of fathers and sons.

We decided we had too many guitar players, so Richard played keyboard and less guitar. The repertoire changed to better suit Andy's singing style, and reflect the tastes of the new band, playing soul classics as well as 60s and 70s rock covers.

The line up:

Andy Dunderdale - Vocals/guitar
Richard Clay - Vocals/guitar/keyboard
Alec Taylor - Guitar
Mat Clay - Bass
Tom Dunderdale - Drums

Tom had also joined Alec and Richard in "Mahogany Monkey" around the same time... The new rock band - since we'd never been able to agree a name - always got referred to as "the other band", so that's what it officially became.

The Other Band performed only once, at Meanwood WMC in Leeds in April 2010, with Tom Bliss guesting on second keyboard.