Nonesuch began as a four-piece folk group. Dave Oliver, Geoff Ridden, Peter McGuffin and Dick Clay were all students at Sadler Hall, Leeds University, in 1967. This band was one of many musical creations to emerge from Sadler Hall at that time, with the encouragement of Warden Ernie Kirkby. Rapper sword dancing was also a popular activity in Sadler, and all the members of Nonesuch performed in the Rapper team at one time or other!

Dave left the band after a few months to pursue other interests, and Geoff similarly at the end of that year. Pete and Dick continued Nonesuch as a duo for several years though, moving into the "contemporary folk" genre with the unusual combination of two voices and two nylon stringed guitars. The band supported, amongst others, The Strawbs, Sallyangie, Alexis Korner, and American guitarist Stefan Grossman.

UK "Contemporary folk" band: 1967 - 1974
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"In the womb of an orange flower":

Waiting for time to arrive

Spirit of the Orange
Fragmented summertime blues

From "The early years":

The nightingale
Nonesuch CDs:

1. The Early Years
2. In the Womb of an Orange Flower

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Nonesuch in early 1968