James Whelan: James was given a red harmonica by a religious gypsy some years ago and took up the guitar some years later after being inspired to do so in a dream. After many failed attempts at fashioning a rack for his harp with metal coathangers, he was guided to a music store where he purchased a proper one and before too long was combining harp sounds with some heavy strumming on the guitar. He took this sound on to the streets and added some singing to the mix, which seemed to please many people. (Except for those who preferred to throw coins at him rather than for him).  He soon had a varied collection of harps and spent a while complementing his busking escapades with the occasional appearance at open mic nights throughout the land to play a few licks and sing here and there. After playing with bands of varying styles and genres, James settled on Mulberry Blue due to the folkie-bluesy-pop style they created so well together. He then tried Mixing up the Medicine with Richard Clay when they got into a mulberry jam. James currently resides in a tree-house, venturing out for gigs and rehearsals whenever his services are required. He is now cutting it as Jimmy Scissors.